When is the fair?

Always the weekend after Labor Day!
Saturday 8:00 am – 6:00 pm, Sunday 9:00 am – 4:00 pm

Are dogs allowed at the fair?

We ask that pets stay home from the fair. Large social gatherings can make pets suspect to contractible diseases or parasites. Some diseases like parvovirus (potentially fatal), canine influenza, and kennel cough can spread from contact with infected surfaces. Unpredictable environment can make injury to pets or people more likely. Due to concern for our community’s safety, we recommend that pets stay home where they are out of harm’s way. 

Is there free parking available?

Free parking is available at the Morrison County Fair Ground (15575 Hawthorn Rd, Little Falls) a free shuttle service operating regularly, dropping visitors off at three locations across the fair.

Where is Handicapped Parking?

Handicapped parking is located at the lot across for Tonight (124 2nd St NE, Little Falls)

Why don’t you add more toilets?

There are currently 77 portable units in use. The number of units is evaluated each year based on use and follows the formula set by Morrison County Public Health. Hand washing stations have been added as a convenience to our shoppers.

Why don’t you move the Fair to the Fairgrounds?

The Little Falls Arts & Crafts and MarketPlace Fairs are known forthe charming ambiance of the historic river downtown area. Moving nearly 600 10’ by 10’ vendor spaces plus 15’ walkways plus vendor vehicles plus shoppers and their vehicles out to the Fairgrounds would create a whole new set of problems for the show thatwould then not be uniquely Little Falls (we just would NOT fit!).

Why isn’t the Fair on Friday also?

The impact on the community is considerable including the closing of parking lots and streets (used by businesses during the week) and the need for volunteers. With school in session and Fridays during most of the year being a workday, it would be very difficult to run the show on Friday. Many of our vendors would not be available on Friday – including the majority of our food booths. Friday is currently set-up day with the majority of the vendors being set-up before they go to bed Friday evening.

How do I become part of the show?