The Little Falls Arts and Crafts Fair is a big deal! It’s a juried artisan and crafters event where a group of experts evaluates each submission to ensure that only the cream of the crop makes it to the vendor list. They’re like the gatekeepers of quality! We are always excited to welcome new artisans to the fair. After you have filled out your application and paid the fee, we will reach out to confirm your entry into the fair.

After you submit this application you will be redirected to the payment portal to finish the process.

If you would prefer to fill out an application on paper and mail it to us to download the Artisan Application PDF.

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The onsite jury and staff will use this information to verify the contents of your booth.
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We Require a Certificate of Insurance
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Provide three photos of any new products, work space AND/OR your Certificate of Insurance.
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Provide completed MN-ST-19. Download above.
Terms and Conditions
A completed and signed application, which is required to be considered for admittance to the 2024 Little Falls Arts & Crafts Fair, Indicates that the vendor has read and agrees to abide by these Rules & Regulations.

Please read this document thoroughly before submitting your
2024 Little Falls Arts & Crafts Fair Application Form.

Dates and Times: Saturday, September 7, 2024: 8:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.
Sunday, September 8, 2024: 9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.
Vendors are required to be open during these hours.
The Fair is held rain or shine. Failure to abide by this requirement may result in ineligibility for future Fairs.

Handcrafted items only:
Art, craft, and hobby work items of original design and handcrafted by the vendor are the only merchandise allowed to be sold.
Do not bring merchandise made by others or purchased “buy-sell” items. Not allowed are items made from kits, raffle tickets, screen prints of non-original designs, and picture frames with commercial reproductions (except framed prints which are limited edition, visibly signed and numbered – artist must be present). Also not allowed are consignment items, any assembled item that shoots a flying projectile, nor imported items produced outside the United States.
Face painting is not allowed.
Items with rub-on decals for decoration may not be included in any “painted or painting” category.
Upon discovery of non-qualifying merchandise, Little Falls Arts & Crafts Fair officials will require the vendor to remove from the booth all such items. The decision of the Little Falls Arts & Crafts Fair officials will be final.
Selling from areas other than your registered exhibit space, hawking or soliciting passersby is not allowed.
Sale signs are not allowed in or around any vendor location.

Application Process: Applications can be mailed or submitted electronically via email to Payment may be sent via mail or by phone. NOTE: No immediate confirmation will be issued upon receipt of an application.
2023 exhibitors who are invited back to participate in the 2024 Fair need to complete the application and submit with the proper fees by March 31, 2024 if they want their same location as last year. Take advantage of our EARLY BIRD SPECIAL by submitting your payment prior to May 31, 2024. Please note that you must indicate your product for no more than 3 categories. Anyone with new products or with product concerns raised by the Jury during the 2023 Fair may be asked to jury again. All rules apply to private property vendors as well. Private Property refunds will be issued before the Fair.
New Applicants will be juried. Applications must be complete, signed, and accompanied by the appropriate fees. Applicants will be notified in June of their status. Take advantage of our EARLY BIRD SPECIAL by submitting your payment prior to May 31, 2024.

Jurying Procedure: New applicants and applicants who are being juried again must submit 3 photos for each category entered, as well as one photo of your work space, showing raw materials. Electronic submissions are also acceptable. Each photo must be labeled clearly with the exhibitor’s name, medium and must be representative of the work which will be displayed. Photos will not be returned.
Photo clarity, type of product, written description, product originality, and workmanship will be determining factors for acceptance or rejection in the Fair. Each new applicant will be individually juried in each category in which they are applying (maximum of 3) according to the description and photos submitted. If an application is rejected, the space fee and the City of Little Falls Large Scale Street Fair license fee will be returned to the applicant. We do not provide reasons for not accepting an applicant. Please be aware of this condition before applying. There will be on-site jurying of all vendors during the Fair to judge compliance.

Fees: 1.) Non-Refundable Application Fee: $10.00.
2.) City of Little Falls Large Scale Street Fair License Fee: $15.00 per location (not space)
3.) Entry Fee: If your application is received by May 31, 2024 the cost is $205.00 per space for the first and second space(s) and $110.00 per space for additional 3rd or 4th or 5th space in the same location. Effective June 1, 2024 the cost will be $255.00 for the first space, $205.00 for the second space and $110.00 per space for 3rd, 4th and 5th.
~Make checks payable to Little Falls Area Chamber of Commerce. Checks must be for full payment of fees and accompany the completed and signed 2024 Application and ST19 forms.
~Payment is also accepted by Visa or MasterCard via phone at (320) 632-5155.
~Post-dated checks and incomplete applications will be returned to the applicant.
~Any checks returned for non-sufficient funds will incur an additional $25 NSF fee.
~Any application payments submitted before May 31, 2024 will qualify for a $50 Early Bird discount as stated above.

Refunds: The City of Little Falls Large Scale Street Fair License Fee and the space fee, minus a $25.00
administrative fee, are refundable prior to May 31, 2024. Anyone who finds it necessary to
cancel out of the Fair and wishes to request a refund must do so in writing. This is only until
May 31, 2024. Cancellations after this date will not receive a refund.

Exhibitor Spaces: Exhibitor spaces are 10' x 10'. Canopies must be adaptable to lawn or hard-topped surfaces. Some sidewalk areas do not allow for a standard canopy, because of width and depth variances, trees, light/power poles, etc. There are no guarantees regarding preference for space locations.
NOTE: Vendors cannot sell part or all of their space to another exhibitor.

Booth spaces are for merchandise sales. Do not purchase a booth space and expect to park your car or trailer in it.

Set-Up: Set-up is not allowed before 5:30 p.m. on Friday, September 6, 2024 on sidewalks, parking lots, and closed streets.

Lawn exhibitors must wait until all marking is completed in their area. Vehicles may not be driven on any lawn area. ABSOLUTELY NO VEHICLES/TRAILERS ON THE GRASSY AREAS
Vendors must not block doorways, signs, walkways, etc.
Vendors must have their Little Falls Arts & Crafts Fair Booth ID clearly posted in the front upper front left corner (as one looks into a booth) of the booth throughout the Fair.
All vendor vehicles must be unloaded and away from the exhibit areas before 8:00 a.m. on Saturday and 9:00 a.m. on Sunday. Violators will be ticketed and towed. Vehicles may not return to the booth area until after official closing time each day.
Each vendor is responsible for their own display materials, including tables, chairs, canopies, backdrops, as well as rain and sun protection.
Vendors are responsible for their own security measures. The Fair provides for limited night security. Liability is the responsibility of the vendor.
A 5# (pound) fire extinguisher is required in every booth by the Little Falls Fire Chief. Inspections are made.
Prohibited- any noise generating mechanical or electromechanical device (such as a generator) that produces sound levels at or exceeding 65 dBA (with a tolerance of 5 dB at the discretion of Fair staff.) Generators at or below this level are permitted by arrangement but may affect your booth placement. Attention will also be paid to the exhaust produced by any device and its effect on nearby vendors and/or their products. The measurement is done with the Chamber’s sound level meter using A-weighting and SLOW response. Measurements will be three-feet or more from the booth perimeter and at a height above the ground of ear level of the Little Falls Area Chamber of Commerce sound monitor.  The measurement taken by Chamber staff with the Chamber’s sound meter will be considered the official measurement.
Electricity is not available for artisan vendors.

Cancellations: If a vendor finds it necessary to cancel out of the Little Falls Arts & Crafts Fair, the Little Falls Area Chamber of Commerce must be notified immediately. Exhibitors may not transfer or sell their space to anyone. Please see the refund section for more information.

Sales Tax: We are required to notify vendors that they must have a Minnesota Sales Tax number and collect and pay 7.375% Minnesota Sales Tax. APPLICANTS MUST INCLUDE A COMPLETED ST-19 FORM (each year) WHICH WE ARE REQUIRED TO HAVE ON FILE FOR EVERY VENDOR. This form can be accessed at
*Vendors will not be allowed to sell without this form on file.*

The MN Department of Revenue will be furnished a list of registered vendors and may attend the
Fair to check vendors concerning compliance with the sales tax law. To register and obtain a MN
Sales Tax Number, call 651-282-5225. For information, contact the MN Dept.
of Revenue at 651-296-6181, or on the web at and click
on Sales & Use Tax, and follow instructions.

Food Vendor Permitting:
All vendors selling processed and packaged food products must have a Minnesota Department of Agriculture Mobile Food Handling license and comply with all necessary requirements provided by the Dept. of Ag. This includes hand washing and food handling requirements for those who give samples during the fair. Proper refrigeration as defined by the Department of Agriculture is also required. All numbers will be verified and an inspector will be onsite during the Fair. You may find more information by contacting our inspector, Jacob Schmidt, directly at 218-232-4291 or email or online at

Parking: By City of Little Falls Ordinance, all Recreational Vehicles (live/sleep-in vehicles) are not allowed to park on public streets or parking lots in areas marked NO RV PARKING. Other high-profile vehicles are requested to be parked away from the Arts & Crafts Fair district or in areas specified for RV’s. Towing will be enforced.

Violations: Any violation of the Rules & Regulations, Minnesota Sales Tax Law, Minnesota Department of Agriculture regulations, Little Falls City Ordinance, or a material misrepresentation on the application shall suffice for the sponsor to elect to immediately close down the vendor and/or deny the vendor the right to return to the Little Falls Arts & Crafts Fair in the future.
Questions: Please contact Mary at the Chamber of Commerce Office at
320-632-5155 weekdays from 8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. or e-mail to